Chant of the Ghost Pipes - for piano four hands and melodica (2018)

GLOCKNROCK for two percussionists and piano (2018)

YE - for piano, guitar, and vibraphone, from EP YEE by Glitter Glam (2017)

wait, winter (i) (video) - solo singing pianist (2017)

I'M NOT WITH MYSELF - for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano (2016)

Appulse for two violins and piano (2015)

Elixir Party - for percussion quartet (2017)

Webbed - for bassoon and violin (2016)

Time Arrivesfor string quartet (2015)


Spider Lily (in progress) - chamber opera for voice, strings, percussion, and electronics


Girly! (video) - for performance artist and Barbie keyboard, Barbie drum set, and glockenspiel (2017) 

One of an Other for voice, electric guitar, and pedals, from EP YEE by Glitter Glam (2018)

Savior - for voice and accordion (2019) 

Learning to Sing Again (video) - for voice and accordion (2020)

To Our Wounds - for voice and string trio (2016)

wait, winter (ii) - for voice and cello (2016) 

As We Come - for solo voice (2017) 

Large Ensemble

GLOSSY WARS - for orchestra (2018)

Wind Sleepersfor choir (2017)

Still for orchestra (2013)